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The Pinnacle CPA Advantage

Are you the “go to” advisor for your best clients?

Are your best clients underserved and at risk?

Do you have the resources to solve your clients’ complex challenges?

Are you stretched too thin serving B and C clients?

The Professional Firm of the future will be relationship-based, not compliance-based.  The Pinnacle CPA Advantage is a leadership and relationship development process for expanding the trust between you and your most important clients.  As the trust level grows, so will your ability to identify and solve their more complex needs with sophisticated solutions provided by a dream team of experts from around the country – all delivered seamlessly through you. 

  • You will become the irreplaceable center of your client’s circle of trust.
  • You will be the solution, rather than just a solution provider.
  • You will grow high margin advisory services and avoid commoditization.

Leverage Pinnacle to solve these 5 Primary Risks to CPAs:

  1. “A” Client Retention Risk
  2. Narrow Brain Trust Risk
  3. Outbound Referral Risk
  4. Low Organic Growth Risk
  5. Erosion of time for what is most important in your life

Become more relevant…. more valuable…. more trusted…and have more time for what is most important in your life!

Get the CPA Advantage today!