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Investment Management

Pinnacle’s investment philosophy is grounded in decades of market intelligence and extensive academic research. Nobel-prize winning strategies are applied to the development of our portfolios.

We view investing through the lens' of our clients – their objectives, time horizon, cash flow needs and ability to weather market volatility. An Investment Strategy is then designed to establish the appropriate asset allocation and clear guidelines for managing the portfolio. A sound long-term policy helps investors avoid emotional decisions, especially in reaction to extreme markets. All investment decisions are made in the context of an overall plan and a clearly defined investment process.

How do we do it? Our process has been refined over the years to better assist you in reaching your goals by building confidence, reducing complexity and mitigating risk.

  • Start with the “Why?”:
    • Identify objectives, define time horizon, risk tolerance, cash-flow needs; evaluate resources and strategies.
  • Design Enlightened Portfolios:
    • Broadly diversify by asset classes to maximize return for the appropriate level of risk; adjust for cash flow needs and time horizon while balancing market and longevity risks.
  • Make Informed Choices:
    • Identify effective managers/funds for each asset class, considering active and passive strategies based on risk-adjusted, net-of-cost performance.
  • Manage with Discipline:
    • Manage risk by rebalancing to allocation targets; monitor and replace managers/funds when performance warrants.

We approach investing objectively. We focus on the long-term and manage to your goals. We rely on discipline and process rather than emotion and pride to produce results that meet your objectives. Our portfolios are tax-informed, aligned with your plans/goals, and emotionally intelligent, recognizing that investor behavior is the primary determinant of investor returns.