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At The Pinnacle Group, our experienced team of professionals have helped many employers, employees and individuals just like you with similar financial issues, concerns and goals. Take a moment to get to know us....


J. Scott Sims

President and Founder

513.874.4440 ext.104

Scott Sims, in many ways, is a grownup kid. He naturally relates to kids. It's why he has invested 30 years in mentoring them – his own three and many others he has coached, taught, counseled and led on trips to grow them through...

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Anna C. Barton

Vice President

513.874.4440 ext.103

Anna Barton believes that there’s nothing a person can’t do, never mind the odds. She comes by this belief from her maternal grandmother and her mother. Her father’s side of the family came from Portugal three...

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Anthony J. Bruns

Vice President

513.874.4440 ext.105

Tony Bruns’ default expression is a smile – the outward sign of the calm, optimistic way he has of navigating through life. Tony grew up in Montgomery. Instead of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings like most kids do...

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Geoff Glazier


513.874.4440 ext 106

Geoff Glazier had three sources of influence growing up – Ken Griffey Jr., Michael Jordan and Paul Kangas. The first two were heroes to untold numbers of kids, for reasons that are fairly obvious. Kangas, not so much. “He...

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Camille Albrinck

Client Relations Coordinator

513.874.4440 ext. 101

The reason Camille Albrinck likes baking as opposed to cooking, per se, is that the measurements and the process have to be precise. With cooking, you can add a little of this and a pinch of that. Baking is far less forgiving....
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Eric Bokesch

Retirement Plan Consultant

513-874-4440 ext.107

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. Growing up in Toledo, Eric learned early on that hard work and saving was essential to accomplishing your goals. His parents both worked and on occasion, he would go to work with them....
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