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Do you have a plan designed to navigate the many winds of change throughout your financial life?

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We’re Here to Help You Design Your Plan

At The Pinnacle Group, we understand that you work hard every day to build a successful financial future for yourself,  your family, and your employees, if you also happen to be a business owner.  Your hard work deserves to be rewarded with the financial future of your dreams.   Our firm was founded on the belief that a successful tomorrow starts with a well-designed, thoughtful, plan today.

We are a team of professionals highly qualified in serving the needs of individual investors, business owners, and other professional service firms, like Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).  Not only do we have decades of experience in helping our clients plan and achieve their personal financial goals, we are experts in the design, implementation, and management of employer sponsored retirement plans, like 401ks and 403bs.  We take pride in knowing we have been instrumental in helping hundreds of employees understand and participate fully in their 401k and 403b plans, securing the possibility of achieving their own financial dreams.

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For Me and My Family

We help individuals plan for their financial future by designing and implementing creative, independent strategies.

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For My Business and Employees

We understand the many challenges business owners face, including implementing corporate retirement plans. Let us help you and your employees succeed.

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The CPA Advantage

We operate with integrity, purpose, and independence, three core principles we share with CPA firms in providing solutions for their clients and their families and businesses.

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