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Camille Albrinck

Camille Albrinck

Client Relations Coordinator

The reason Camille Albrinck likes baking as opposed to cooking, per se, is that the measurements and the process have to be precise. With cooking, you can add a little of this and a pinch of that. Baking is far less forgiving.

“I’m not one to experiment,” she says. “I like to know how things are supposed to be done, and I do it. Something in my nature prefers the regimentation and the discipline of baking. Maybe it’s because I was in the Navy.”

Camille joined the Navy almost immediately after graduating from Milford High. She was one of a crew of 3,000 on the USS Holland, a ship charged with loading nuclear warheads onto submarines, on occasions when nuclear warheads were called for.

She was assigned to the galley, where she began by making cheeseburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, scrambled eggs and the like, working with huge pressure cookers four feet deep. Her stirrer was as big as an oar. It was the kind of cooking that did not require precision.

By the end of her four-year hitch, she was working in the officer’s mess, cooking for 20 officers. But at her busiest, she was cooking for thousands. She prided herself on her scrambled egg bar. The Navy was a transformative experience for her. She felt part of something larger than herself. She also got to know her way around an egg.

“If you wanted fried, over easy, an omelet, whatever – I was good, and I was fast. I loved the control and the fact everyone gravitated to my line for my eggs. I could do that again.”

Her first husband died of a heart attack. Camille was having a conversation with him at the time. She heard something fall to the floor, turned to face him and he was gone. Three months later, she was working on a bachelor’s degree in management at Indiana Wesleyan University. “I had two kids. I had to do what I had to do.”

Of herself, she says her mother taught her not to let people take advantage of her. So she doesn’t. She considers herself stingy, dating back to her childhood when she refused to let her brother play with her toys. She also says she has a black-and- white view of the world and, perhaps as a result, doesn’t have a difficult time making decisions. “It’s either yes or no, stop or go, let’s move forward or let’s not,” she says.

Her husband, Jim, is the plant manager at Kaiser Pickles. She supposes she could have 50-gallon drums of pickles if she would ask for them, but she doesn’t. Besides, she prefers spicy banana peppers. Camille has two sons, Alex and Joey, from her first marriage and a stepson, Nathan, with Jim.

Of her job as the client relations coordinator for The Pinnacle Group, she says this: “To be great at this, you have to listen to the clients and really hear what they’re saying. It’s important for them to get a good feeling when they walk in the door. And since I’m the first person they see, the good feeling has to start with me.”

On a professional note, as Client Relations Coordinator for The Pinnacle Group…

  • Attained Bachelor’s Degree, Indiana Wesleyan University, focusing on business communications and management
  • Attained Certified Events Planner designation
  • Served four years of active duty in the United States Navy