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J. Scott Sims

J. Scott Sims

President and Founder

Scott Sims, in many ways, is a grownup kid. He naturally relates to kids. It's why he has invested 30 years in mentoring them – his own five and many others he has coached, taught, counseled and led on trips to grow them through serving others.

Through LifeSpring Christian Church, Scott has gathered bunches of kids to go on mission trips to places like Kenya and Central America. He also has led a number of high school groups to Juarez, where the goal was to build a home for a family in six days. They’re simple homes, Scott says, without most amenities we take for granted in our American lives. But on the other side of that spectrum, they’re a far cry from huts cobbled together from scrap metal and plywood salvaged from the nearby dump, the kind of housing common throughout countries where extreme poverty is the norm.

“The idea is to get a family out of the cardboard box they’re living in and into a basic home on a concrete slab with a stucco frame. It’s backbreaking work, in 110-degree heat. But we get so much more from the experience of serving than we could ever give. Taking high school kids to these places, showing them how most of the rest of the world lives, has a life-changing impact on them.”

Scott has also been on trips to Nairobi, to the worst slums in Africa, where nearly a million people per square mile live in a valley along a river that’s little more than raw sewage. Partnering with Mission of Hope, they build and operate schools and medical clinics, while providing micro-enterprise training and finance for people the government refuses to even acknowledge.

You can’t help but be changed, Scott says. “These people were born into circumstances so different from our own. But they’re so hopeful, so content. By modern standards, they have nothing – still, they shame us with their contentment and joy. For them, it’s clearly not about possessions, status or creature comforts.”

Closer to home, Scott has volunteered with non-profits and served on boards, but working with kids has been his true calling. That work has influenced his approach with clients as well. He has come to understand the first answer someone gives to a question often requires a bit of digging to get to the real story. He says it’s important to get beyond pat answers to understand what might be truly on someone’s mind. He has been told he has a unique ability to garner trust. He also listens closely, which helps explain why.

Scott and his wife, Kim, are blessed with five children and four grandchildren. Their home in North Bend overlooks the river, with large gathering spaces for visits from family and friends. They love to travel and play golf when not enjoying the activities of their kids and grandkids.  

As founder and CEO of The Pinnacle Group, Scott’s spiritual grounding requires the firm have a deep, abiding emphasis on integrity and serving.

“People deserve that. The investment industry, banking, all of it, has taken an often-deserved hit over the past decade. People need to know they can trust the people they’ve chosen to guide their finances. Giving our clients reason to trust is key to what we do here.”

Blessed with an ability to understand and bring clarity to complex financial issues, Scott has served both individuals and businesses with insight and leadership. Work experience includes managing bond portfolios for banks, director of accounting for a regional bank holding company, manager and national resource for an international accounting and consulting firm, CEO and director of a community bank, shareholder in an industry-leading investment banking firm and finally founder and CEO of The Pinnacle Group.

On a professional note, Scott…  

  • Maintains the Series 7, 24, 63, and 65 FINRA registrations through Securities America, Inc., a FINRA registered Broker/Dealer
  • Attained Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, University of Cincinnati
  • Attained M.B.A, Xavier University